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Booker T. Washington History

May 1967 Started operation for 60 children in basement of 1st Institutional Baptist Church. Project funded by HEW, monitored by LEAP. Phx. Urban League was Delegate Agency. There was no charge to parents.

Dec 1967 Neighborhood Council arranged for the purchase of a portable building to be moved to the area.

Mar 1968 The Unitarian Church of Phoenix assisted Council in purchasing a building. City of Phoenix provided two lots at 1522 and 1526 East Adams. Portable was moved to these 2 lots. May 1968 Center incorporated becoming it’s own Delegate Agency. In the latter part of the 1970’s, the building was paid off.

Aug 1968 Opened for operation at new location.

1972 Program changed to half-day services; operating 9 months per year; 8:30am-12:30pm for students; 8am-2pm for teaching staff.

1978 Expanded from 60 to 120 children. 2nd building, located in Sky Harbor Airport expansion areas, purchased and moved to 1530 E. Adams. Lease space acquired at the Valley Christian Center, 1005 East Washington.

1988 Expanded from 120 - 140 children. Space acquired at Ann Ott Elementary School, 1801 South 12th St. (2 classrooms -40 children)

1990 Expanded from 140 - 160 children. Additional classroom acquired at Ann Ott Elementary School.

1992 40 children (2 classrooms) transferred from 1522 E. Adams to Edison Elementary School. One classroom consisting of 5 severely handicapped children from Phx. Elementary School District #1.

1993-95 HUD/Public Housing Grant awarded for 40 Head Start students providing a Wrap A Round Program.

1994 Expanded to 177 students. Space acquired at the YWCA, 755 E. Willetta.

1995-96 United/Unidos Project implemented providing training for parents, i.e.Computer Classes, GED, ESL, Parenting Classes.

1996-99 At Risk Program implemented with afternoon classes for 20 At Risk children.

Jan 1997-Jun 1999 Extended Day Program (HUD) implemented providing before and after school care for enrolled Head Start children.

Sep 1997 One classroom from Ann Ott moved to Herrera Elementary School , 1350 S. 11th St. 9/98 Remaining classroom moved to Herrera.

Feb 1998-Jun 1999 Infant/Toddler Program (HUD) began providing services for children 6 months to 2 years old who are eligible through DES.

Sep 1999 40 children (2 classrooms) from Edison transferred to Augusta Shaw, Jr Elementary School,123 North 11th St.

Jan 2000 Accredited by NAEYC’s National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.

Jan 2001 Head Start Extended Day Program opened.

Aug 2001 New 3 year old classroom funded (Sidney P.)

2002 Old Building @ 1522 (the Boot) was demolished and a new building was constructed to include four classrooms, a kitchen and teacher’s workroom.

2003 The Board of Directors purchased an abandoned home and renovated it with City of Phoenix Community Block Development funds. Ion September 2004, The Parent Resource Center opened its doors to parents. ESL and GED classes were offered at the Parent Center.

Sep 2004 Parent Resource Center opens its doors to BTW families; soon to offer ESL, GED and computer classes.

2006 Lydia Medina, Director wrote and received a grant from Salt River Project.

June 2007 BTW Board of Directors honors Ms. Lillie M. Dye in naming The Lillie M. Dye Parent Center.

2008 The Board of Directors agreed to expand the 1522 E. Adams location. Searer, Robbins and Stephens architecture firm built three additional classrooms. The base contract for this project was $544,444. City of Phoenix caseworker will utilize one of the classrooms for parent interviews.

August 2010 Pre-school children moved to their new classroom at 1522E. Adams Street. Each classroom had two restrooms, a closet for teachers to store their materials and a utility sink. This location now has six pre-school classrooms.

2011 The Board of Directors purchased the 1515 E. Adams Street lot, which is west of the administrative office. The small house on the property had been vacant for several years. 


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